Lineside Enamel Speed / Distance Marker Sign “70”

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A (generally) round yellow enamel sign with black number ’70’. This sign was acquired by us from a deceased collection of railwayana that was auctioned off around 2-3 years ago.

After first asking for assistance identifying the purpose with one of the popular railwayana social media groups it was initially suggested this was a chain marker sign, indicating distance, however other contributors have since come up with other suggestions from an electrical phase marking disc to a ‘duty number’ displayed by shunters or local trip locomotives, however no one suggestion has gained any significant traction or agreement within the group.

Our hunch based on the condition is that this was located at lineside, and most likely indicates a speed limit or measure of distance. We are happy to have record set straight however, so if anyone knows what this sign is, what it indicates and the likely origin, feel free to get in touch with us and we will amend the description accordingly.

Measures 14″ in diameter with some losses to the bottom of the sign suggesting a hard life exposed to the elements. Full of character and patina. Would make an excellent 70th birthday present or man-cave addition. Will need to be handled with care to avoid further losses as the damaged area remaining is quite brittle and crumbly.

Price includes packing and postage.